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UPDATE #3 News for Vanaweb members.


Hi all,

Thank you for your patience everyone.

I think everyone reveived a refund that wanted one. Let me know if there are any outstanding issues.



Hi all,

Everyone who had an active recurring membership will have received an email from CCBill (and myself) informing you of a cancellation to Vanaweb.com.

Unfortunately, we cannot resurrect Vanaweb.com in its current form because the server issue cannot be corrected. Therefore, we’ve done the honourable thing and terminated all memberships via CCBill and refunded any payments made in the last week.

We are continuing in the meantime on OnlyFans. I’d love to see you sign up in there and see my fantastic, regular content updates, including videos, photos and livestreams.

We are working on an alternative platform for Vanaweb.com and will keep everyone updated on the progress.

If you have any questions, please do ask.



Are you a member of vanaweb.com and haven’t received our e-mails?

If so please e-mail me at vana@vanaweb.com.
We’ve sent out an e-mail to every member informing them of the situation but still haven’t had a reply from some of you.

Feel free to comment below if you’re having dificulties contacting us.

Thank You,

Vana xxx

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I have not received any emails regarding my account. The user name is #######

Edited to remove private information

Hi David, we’re glad you’ve got in contact as all your emails have bounced back and we’ve had no other way to contact you.

Do you have another email address we can contact you on? If so, please email me vana@vanaweb.com and we will send further information. If not, please direct message me on Twitter.


Dearest Vana,

So sorry to read of the demise of my favorite and the most exquisite satin site on the web. You are aware that I am an ardent follower of you but sadly unable at my now age of 80 to afford a paid membership especially after a major financial loss to our investment retirement account due to this darn world wide virus. I truly hope your new offering will permit followers like me to still be able to enjoy some of your freebie photos as you did on Vana web. I left you a message earlier this month but dud not receive your 2nd update. I am sending this message in the hope you will keep me posted. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi, We’re certainly hoping so and still working on it! In the meantime, feel free to join me on OnlyFans, where I have another platform onlyfans.com/vanasatin

Sorry to hear that you had to shut down your web site. You are one of the best—a lady with a lot of class!!
Please let me know if there is any change.
The best to you;

Yes, in some form or another. We have a plan, but it’s a lot of work to process the images into a new system. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

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