UPDATE #5 | Vanaweb.com will return!
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UPDATE #5 | Vanaweb.com will return!

UPDATE #5: Never fear, Vanaweb.com will return in some form or another. We’ve started to take small steps but most of our time has been taken up by working on onlyfans.com/vanasatin replacing lost income.

Come join me on onlyfans in the mean time and join us on our next chapter. πŸ™‚

UPDATE #4: The situation has taken a turn for the worst regarding our ability to access the server. We had just one option in response to this – to cancel all memberships and refund where payment has been taken in the last week.

BUT, this certainly isn’t the end of Vanaweb.com. We are working on a change of platform and will keep you updated here.

This clearly is a financial loss for us, and we hope you will join us on OnlyFans in the meantime at onlyfans.com/vanasatin – thanks to those who have!

UPDATE #3 | Sorry, Vanaweb.com is temporarily offline due to a hardware failure πŸ™

UPDATE #3: We are in the process of trying to retrieve data from our server which is off-site. This effort has been interrupted several times and crucially the engineer that helps us manage and troubleshoot the server has been directly affected by Covid-19.

In the meantime, we’re working on hosting vanaweb.com in an alternative form. We will see how this goes and update you accordingly.

UPDATE: #2 We are still experiencing issues with the server and currently not able to back up some of the site data.

All current members have been contacted and offered an option to extend their mebership free of charge, or to cancel and get a refund for this month.

In the meantime, we are actively looking into viable options to post our content on Only Fans so that our members can access new photosets that we produce.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Thanks again for your patience and support. We will keep you posted.



ORIGINAL POST #1 – 27th May 2020

Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging.

I’m in the process of notifying all vanaweb.com members via e-mail. In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at vana@vanaweb.com.

The hardware failure relates to our server held by our hosting company. The site has suffered a data loss, and the action involves backing up what I can and restoring Vanaweb.com. At this time, I am not sure how long this will take ( hopefully only a few days), but I will keep you updated.

Vana xxx

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would you be willing or able to do a custom video.
you doing nice long slow strip tease down to just one of your silky lacy chemises and high heels.

I do custom videos through my onlyfans at: onlyfans.com/vanasatin.
I’m unable to promise I could produce the video right away as Covid-19 and other work commitments are restricting my ability to commit the time, but please email me vana@vanaweb.com to discuss in more detail.


So sorry to read of your server problems. That is a darn shame especially when many of us look forward to your monthly “pick-us-ups”. They are so needed during this weird time around the world. So looking forwards to your site’s return.

Your satin loving passionate follower,

Hope all’s well.
How’s the transfer going?
Looking forward to you being back up & running again.

Hello Vana,

I love seeing silky and lacy half slips on women. May I please request for more lacy slip videos?

Thank you.



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